The affordable entry-level model

BWA Economy

Container cleaning for containers up to 240 liters capacity.
BWA Economy

Automatic interior cleaning

High pressure pump with 120 bar working pressure

Residual waste is collected in the filter basket

Short payback period

High hourly output with consistent cleaning quality

Operation with cold or warm water possible

Behaelterwaschanlage BWA Economy


The technology of the BWA Economy

The soiled container is tipped onto the cleaning platform. By pressing the start button, the cleaning process, which runs automatically, is set in motion.

During the internal cleaning, which is carried out by a three-dimensional high-pressure cleaning head, the external cleaning can be carried out with the high-pressure jet pipe. Optionally, cleaning and disinfection agents can be added.

Modular components

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Product video

BWA Economy in use!

In this video you can see a description of the BWK1300. The lady in this video explains what advantages you can achieve with the BWK1300.


Frequently asked questions about the BWA

The residual waste is collected in its own filter basket.

The interior cleaning is done automatically with a three-dimensional spray head.

On the BWA Economy and BWA Basic models, external cleaning is performed manually using a hand lance. On the BWA Economy Plus model, exterior cleaning is fully automatic.

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