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Container and barrel cleaning from the specialist

Feistmantl Cleaning Systems is one of the pioneers in the planning, development and production of innovative cleaning systems for professional waste container cleaning. Over the past 30 years, the company has installed more than 1200 cleaning systems for waste containers throughout Europe.

In many cases, bins are still cleaned manually with a high-pressure cleaner. We have made it our business to clean these containers with our individual cleaning systems with the best possible quality, as well as primarily to protect the employees from contaminated substances and to relieve the environment.

Our competence in numbers

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Years of experience

Waste Management

Feistmantl Cleaning Systems has proudly supported the waste management industry for over 30 years with high quality and customized cleaning systems.

Municipal waste management

We produce cleaning systems for municipal waste management

Biogas plant operators

We produce continuous cleaning systems for biogas plant operators

Private waste management

We plan and develop individual cleaning systems for the private waste management industry

Food waste recycling

We offer you the best cleaning equipment for food waste recycling


Our solutions are precisely tailored to the requirements of hospitals

Manufacturing industry

Feistmantl Cleaning Systems has been planning and developing cleaning systems for the manufacturing industry for over 30 years.

Food industry

Our cleaning systems are designed to meet the needs and demands of the food industry

Chemical industry

Our cleaning plants meet the hygiene standards to support the chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

We are the right contact for the waste container niche of the pharmaceutical industry

Our cleaning systems

Get an overview of all our cleaning systems we plan and develop at Feistmantl Cleaning Systems.

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Wheel dismounting device for 2-wheel container

Dismantle wheels easily and gently with the wheel dismantler for 2-wheel containers.


Mobile tilting device for container

Device for facilitating work with large waste containers, and special containers.


The Individual

For containers with a capacity of up to 240 liters as well as individual containers such as pal boxes and pallets.


One for all

Container cleaning for containers with outlet tap.



Container cleaning for containers up to 240 liters capacity.


The mobile world novelty

Mobile container cleaning for 2-/4-wheel large waste containers and individual containers up to 1100 liters capacity.

BWK1300 Small

The smaller version

Container cleaning of either two containers up to 360 liters or one container from 660 to 1,100 liters.


The shooting star with patented process technology

Container cleaning systems for automatic internal and external cleaning of containers from 60 to 1100 liters in closed cabin.

BWA Compact

The versatile

Container cleaning for 2-/4-wheel large waste containers and individual containers up to 1100 liters capacity.

BWA Economy Plus

More convenience through automated exterior cleaning

Container cleaning for containers up to 240 liters capacity.

BWA Economy

The affordable entry-level model

Container cleaning for containers up to 240 liters capacity.

BWA Basic

The proven standard model

Container cleaning for containers up to 240 liters capacity.

Your advantages

Modular Extensible

Our cleaning systems are designed to be modularly expandable at any time.

Low energy consumption

Our machines have very low water and energy consumption.

High hourly output

With our systems, you achieve a high hourly output with the best cleaning quality.

Significant time saving

With our cleaning systems you get significant time savings compared to hand washing.

Handicapped employees

Our cleaning systems are easy to operate, making them ideally suited for handicapped employees.

High occupational safety

Our cleaning plants comply with the requirements of the BioStoffVerordnung (§9).


Our waste container cleaning systems are very easy to maintain and operate.

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