TROLLEY Wash all in one®

The mobile cleaning system for your trolleys

Hygiene survey report 2011


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What you get from us:  A unique system for shopping trolley cleaning, high pressure cleaning and maintenance – one stop!

Our scope of services

  • Shopping trolley cleaning with the well-proven TROLLEY Wash technology
  • Selected outdoor cleaning: pallet truck, company signs, ramp area, chute, paper press, sectional door, external evaporator, cooling unit, ceiling – cold storage cells, tiled areas, chewing gum removal, grate entrance area, etc.
  • Integrated solution through ‘All-in-one’-  concept (consisting of TROLLEY Wash   shopping trolley cleaning, high pressure cleaner...)
  • High efficiency through well-coordinated teamwork


Your benefit

  • One team for the outdoor cleaning
  • High efficiency through ‘All-in-one’-concept
  • Clean image for your clients
  • Increased hygiene standard
  • Prolonged life cycle of building parts and shopping trolleys
  • Continued quality and image improvement
  • Interesting concept, particularly for small to medium shops


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Like a car wash – just easier and faster

TROLLEY Wash all in one® is an autonomous system for cleaning shopping trolleys. If necessary you let your shopping trolleys be cleaned on the parking lot of your supermarket. Due to its compact site (required space approx. 7m x 10m), the cleaning with TROLLEY Wash all in one® can be carried out at the client’s parking lot. Show your customers how you care for your shopping trolleys with TROLLEY Wash all in one®!

Due to its independent system TROLLEY Wash all in one® is ready to use within 5 minutes. The operating staff can start with the cleaning process immediately. No water or power supply is needed.

Depending on the type of shopping trolley (metal or plastic), degree of soiling and configuration up to 100 trolleys can be cleaned and disinfected per hour. The cleaning and disinfection process works fully automatic with water gyro jets and uniquely with rotating cleaning brushes. Up to 1,000 trolleys can be cleaned with one tank load. Watch the video and see for yourself how easy and efficient it is to clean shopping trolleys with TROLLEY Wash all in one®.

Wash and go:

  • 1. The mobile TROLLEY Wash all in one® is set up at the parking lot of the supermarket.
  • 2. The operating staff loads and unloads trolleys to and from the celaning system.
  • 3. One by one the trolleys are automatically moved through the various stations of the cleaning system.
  • 4. Once the cleaning cycle is finished TROLLEY Wash all in one® drives to the next supermarket.

Dazzling benefits for your supermarket:

  • TROLLEY Wash®, the mobile cleaning system for trolleys, is the straightforward, quickly available and low-cost solution to this hygiene problem.
  • TROLLEY Wash® satisfies the increasing customer requirement for hygienic shopping and fully satisfies the HACCP hygiene standards.
  • TROLLEY Wash® is a competitive advantage if you   openly tell people that you’re using it, and it pays for itself with indirect returns.
  • TROLLEY Wash® encourages customer loyalty and enhances your image.
  • There is currently no alternative to TROLLEY Wash® on the market and it is also cheaper than the inefficient process of manual washing.
  • You’ll be impressed by the patented technology used in TROLLEY Wash® which is unique throughout the entire world.


A dirty business?  Take action against   bacteria-infested trolleys!

Microbiologists from the Marburg Institute for Microbiology and Hygiene of  Prof. Dr.    Mutters  in Germany recently analysed samples in various supermarkets on behalf of German TV channel Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen (Plusminus programme). The staggering result sent shock waves through consumers and ­heightened their awareness: there are in some cases more bacterial colonies lurking on trolley handles than on the door handles of public toilets.

Potential pathogens like ­damp-loving nosocomial bacteria, moulds and even faecal bacteria were found! And this was true in all the supermarkets tested – with no exceptions. Give your customers added hygienic value – and the safe feeling of a hygienic shopping experience in your supermarket!


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