TRT - Tank cleaning system

Tank cleaning from the specialists - Individual and standard solutions for your containers

  • IBC-Disinfection
  • TRT-Tank

TRT IBC - One for all

Cleaning system for containers with a tap

Performance features 

  • For all types of bins/containers with tap
  • Easy container rotation
  • Inside-cleaning by three-dimensional cleaning head
  • Manual outside-cleaning by high-pressure hand lance
  • Time controlled cleaning process, individual adaptable
  • Options such as detergent, recirculation pump, continuous-flow water heater etc.
  • Pump performance adjusted to application
  • User and maintenance-friendly
  • Rollers mobile or stationary
  • Low water consumption
  • High hourly capacity 


The TRT-IBC technology

Mode of operation

The dirty container is tilted onto the cleaning platform. Pressing the start button starts the automatic cleaning process.

During the internal cleaning process with a three-dimensional high pressure cleaning head, the outside can be cleaned with a high pressure handheld gun. Cleaning and disinfecting agents can be added as required.


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TRT Tankreinigungstechnik
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Aussenreinigung
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik  Drehung
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik IBC

Product video: Tank cleaning system in operation

TRT IBC - Disinfection

Disinfection station for IBC-Container with drain tap.
Suitable for all standard-IBC with lid opening Ø150 and Ø225.

Performance features

  • Easy, effortless operation
  • Upgrading of the workplace
  • Highest operational safety
  • Optimal disinfectant-water mixture
  • Compact and space-saving

By an ordinary 230V power supply and
GK couplings for fresh water and compressed air the IBC disinfection station is easily and quickly ready for operation. Equipped with a conical splash guard lid and a device to protect against unplanned operation the IBC disinfection station provides also enough operational safety for the operator and surrounding. An optimally balanced disinfectant-water mixture which pass through high quality spray nozzles guarantees the thorough disinfection of your IBC containers.


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TRT Tank - Think Big

For tank wagons, silos, tank containers and IBCs

Performance features

  • Inside-cleaning by three-dimensional cleaning head
  • User and maintenance-friendly
  • Low water consumption
  • High hourly capacity


Planning, realization, installation and service - FEISTMANTL CLEANING SYSTEMS is the specialist for your individual tank cleaning!

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Bedienung - TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 1
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 2
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 3
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 4
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 5
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 6
TRT Tankreinigungstechnik Tank 7