KER – Tilt - Empty - clean

Emptying and cleaning of containers in one step

KER – The allrounder

Container cleaning system for containers up to 240 litres capacity

Performance features

  • Empties and cleans in a single step
  • Automatic program run
  • For MGB 120 and MGB 240
  • High hourly output at constant cleaning quality
  • High pressure pump with 120 bar working pressure
  • Low water consumption, as water partially recycled
  • Time-controlled work steps
  • Highly economical due to 1-man operation
  • Solid stainless steel
  • User and maintenance friendly
  • Freely selectable program run times
  • Modular structure, can be extended any time
  • Equipped as standard with modem for remote maintenance

The KER technology

Mode of operation  

The container is positioned in the special hydraulic tilt system  and brought into the cabin which closes automatically. After it is emptied, it is automatically cleaned inside and outside with special nozzle systems at an operating pressure of approx. 120 bar.  Cleaning, disinfecting or air freshening agents can be added as required. When cleaning is complete, the container is automatically returned to the original position.

Modular components  

  • Emptying and washing cabin of stainless steel
  • Separate frame of stainless steel for the machine installation
  • Hydraulic tilting system
  • Special cleaning devices for inside, outside, seams and lid
  • Safety guard in the working area

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