KER tilt-empty-clean

For emptying and cleaning food waste containers in one operation.



Container cleaning for containers with a capacity of up to 240 liters.

KER mit zweirad Müllbehälter

Empties and cleans in one step

Automatic inside and outside cleaning

For MGB 120 and MGB 240

Low water consumption thanks to partial recycling

Very high efficiency due to 1-man operation

Program run times freely selectable

Equipped by default with a modem for remote maintenance

KER without waste bin


The technology of the KER

The container is positioned in the special hydraulic tipping device and moved into the cabin, which closes automatically. After emptying, the automatic inside and outside cleaning takes place with a special nozzle system at a working pressure of approx. 120 bar. Optionally, the addition of cleaning agents, disinfectants or fragrances is also possible. After cleaning, the container is automatically transported to the starting position.

Modular components


Frequently asked questions about KER

The KER has a very low water consumption due to the built-in partial recycling system.
The high hourly output and the fact that the KER can only be operated by one employee makes the KER very economical.
The KER is suitable for all containers with a capacity of 240 liters. The KER works best for food waste containers.

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