DWA continuous washing system

Automatic container cleaning systems for inside and outside cleaning of standard and individual containers in closed cabins.


The individual

For containers with a capacity of up to 240 liters and individual containers such as paloxes and pallets.


Fully automatic cycle or continuous washing system

Execution in high or low pressure

Low water and energy consumption thanks to the recycling system

Very high efficiency due to 1-man operation


Equipped by default with a modem for remote maintenance

DWA front view


The DWA technology

This washing machine is used for the automatic cleaning of different containers with a capacity of up to 240 liters. The soiled container is placed on the washing conveyor manually or by means of an automatic tilting device, pre-cleaned with service water and transported to the washing booth. In the cabin 1, the inside and outside are cleaned with hot recycling water. This can be done with either high or low pressure. In the cabin 2, the rinse cycle takes place with hot fresh water. The application of disinfectants or fragrances is optional. The cleaned container can be removed manually or automatically at the end of the washing conveyor.

Modular components

Product video

DWA in action!

Here you can see a video of the continuous washing system. You can understand exactly the individual steps of the cleaning system.


Frequently asked questions about DWA

The DWA is for all standard & special container suitable.
Thanks to the special pump system, the DWA can carry out high or low pressure washing depending on how dirty the containers are.
The DWA is equipped as standard with a modem for remote maintenance.

Yes, the DWA continuous washing system can be expanded modularly with a double bed.

Double fill DWA

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