BWK1300 container washing cabin

Container cleaning systems for automatic inside and outside cleaning of containers from 60 to 1100 liters in a closed cabin.

The models of the BWK1300 container washing booth

Container rotation as a patented process technology!

Thanks to the unique process technology, the BWK1300 complies 100% with the requirements of the Biological Substances Ordinance (§9).

The unique and patented process technology of the MRA 1300 offers by rotating the containers to be cleaned during the cleaning process a number of advantages:


The shooting star with patented process technology

Container cleaning systems for automatic inside and outside cleaning of containers from 60 to 1100 liters in a closed cabin.

BWK1300 mit vierrad Müllbehälter

Best cleaning quality through unique process technology

Fully automated washing process in a closed cabin

Low water and energy consumption thanks to the recycling system

Freely programmable washing programs

Optionally equipped with high or low pressure pumps

Equipped by default with a modem for remote maintenance

Robust and indestructible hydraulic motor guarantees a long service life

Cabin completely sealed, no washing water escapes during or after the washing process

The washing process of the BWK1300

First, the interior cleaning is carried out by the three-dimensional spray head

Next, the external cleaning is carried out with the rigid and rotating nozzles while rotating the containers

After rinsing, the container is blown off

At the end of the washing process, the high-speed door opens automatically and the cleaned containers are extended

BWK1300 closed


The BWK1300 technology

Our latest development in the field of stationary container cleaning systems is used for the automatic cleaning of waste containers and / or production containers with a capacity of up to 1100 liters. Either two small containers or one large container can be cleaned. The containers are automatically transported to the wash booth after the program has been selected, after which the automatic high-speed door closes.

Modular components

Product video

BWK1300 in use!

In this video you can see a description of the BWK1300. This video explains what advantages you have with the BWK1300.


Frequently asked questions about the BWK1300

The robust and indestructible hydraulic motor of the BWK1300 guarantees a long service life.
With the BWK1300 you can choose between two containers up to 360 liters or one container from 660 to 1100 liters.
No water residue on the lid, bottom and collar area → Leakage of residual water when tipping out of the washing booth is avoided
• Protection for employees (no protective clothing required)
• Clean workplace guaranteed
• Best cleaning result even in hard to reach places
• Exterior and interior cleaning during a wash cycle
• Low water consumption thanks to 360 ° rotation
• Fast turnaround times
• High profitability

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