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For more than 20 years Feistmantl Cleaning Systems has been committed to quality and innovation. The fact that we have successfully installed more than 500 systems worldwide are the best proof of the superior quality of our products. Read here about our success story and let some of our satisfied customers convince you.

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The biggest fleet of Trolley Wash® cleaning systems!

Cleaning, maintenance and repair with Shopbox and TROLLEY Wash® of Feistmantl

Mobile cleaning of shopping trolleys on-the-spot

ShopBox Group takes place directly at your supermarket area. They have the biggest and most high-perfomance fleet of cleaning vehicles TROLLEY Wash® for shopping trolleys available. With the mobile trolley wash systems they work environmentally friendly and resource-saving. Their customers will be able to watch the impressive service they're supplying for them.


They work professionally, discrete and with many years of experience. All necessary repairs can also be done on-the-spot. The vehicles carry along a sufficient quantity of all required spare parts.


At ShopBox Group the shopping trolley service is of utmost importance.


Other TROLLEY Wash® machines are in operation for example in Switzerland. Also use our reference tool to see where our systems are in action.



Tip-top Trolley Star service!

Cleaning, maintenance and repair with Wanzl and the TROLLEY Wash®  by Feistmantl 

Shopping trolleys are just as much visiting cards as they are rolling sales drivers for the business. When shopping, customers prefer the trolleys to be clean, looked-after and well maintained. Wanzl satisfies all these requirements in one fell swoop – with the Trolley Star service. As another advantage, the store is in for a good show!

The Trolley Star service from Wanzl provides cleaning, maintenance, repair and spare parts services for shopping trolleys as an all inclusive package. The Special mobile rolls directly to the front of the store, and the show with its unique advertising effect can begin. First of all, the vehicle deploys its integrated washing system. Then the hatches open up. All the inspection equipment and tools necessary for the shopping trolley service are on board, as are the original Wanzl spare parts, precisely adapted to each specific shopping trolley. Because genuine spare parts from Wanzl protect your business from potential claims for liability arising due to accidents caused by products.

Trolley Star – exclusive service from Wanzl 

  • The exclusive Trolley Star service from Wanzl for shopping trolleys incorporates basic cleaning, maintenance and repair in addition to the provision of genuine spare parts.
  • Regular maintenance and repair and the fitting of genuine Wanzl spare parts protects your business from claims for liability arising due to accidents caused by products.
  • The cleaning processes and cleaning agents, which are as gentle on your shopping trolleys as they are efficient, preserve the value of your trolleys and ensure compliance with food hygiene standards in accordance with EU Directive 94/43 EEC.
  • The closed water circuit including water treatment protects the environment and only biodegradable, certified cleaning agents are used.
  • Show time: the Special mobile with extendable washing system attracts customers. Placed directly in front of the store, Trolley Star presents the modern-day shopping trolley service live.


Other TROLLEY Wash® machines are in operation for example in Switzerland. Also use our reference tool to see where our systems are in action.



Trolley Star
Trolley Star
Trolley Star
Trolley Star

BWK 1300 in operation at the waste management company AWS Schwechat in Austria

The waste management association AWS Schwechat relies on the garbage bin cleaning quality of Feistmantl Cleaning Systems GmbH. AWS recently replaced the manual washing of bins from the last years with the fully automatic internal and external cleaning of the BWK 1300; Citizens can choose from three different cleaning models for their bins. The implementation of the BWK 1300 garantees not only time and resource efficiency but also absolute safety for the achine operator. The system is fully enclosed so no spray water can leak out.

Other BWK 1300 machines are in operation at the “Stadtreinigung Kassel" in Germany and at “AWA Salzburg” to name just a few. Also use our reference tool to see where our systems are in action.



Offizielle Übergabe der BWK 1300; Bild: AWS/Rudolf Schmied
Behälterwaschkabine BWK 1300
Behälterwaschkabine BWK 1300
Behälterwaschkabine BWK 1300
Tonnen VOR und NACH der Reinigung

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