BWK – Container cleaning cabin

Container cleaning system for automatic internal and external cleaning of containers from 60 up to 1100 litres capacity.

BWK 1300 - Our shooting star with patented process technology

Container cleaning system for 2-/4 wheeled bins up to 1100 litres capacity

BWK 1300

Performance features

  • Internal and external cleaning with three-dimensional cleaning heads
  • Fully automatic program run in a closed cabin
  • Higher throughput compared to the previous model
  • Highly improved and refined cleaning quality due to modified process engineering during cleaning process
  • Cabin is completely sealed. No wash water leaks out during or after the cleaning process
  • Low water and energy consumption due to recycling system
  • Optionally equipped with high pressure or low pressure pump
  • User and maintenance-friendly
  • Modular system, can be extended any time
  • Equipped with modem for remote maintenance
  • Special lifting and tilting mechanism
  • Container rotation during cleaning process


Container rotation

The BWK 1300 complies 100% with the requirements of the German Bio Material Directive (§9 BioStoffVerordnung).

The unique and patented process technology of the BWK 1300 offers a variety of advantages due to the rotation of the bins/containers during the cleaning process:

No residue water on lid, bottom and rim areas

  • No residue water on lid, bottom and rim areas360° rotation
  • Best cleaning result also in hard to reach areas
  • Simultaneous internal and external cleaning in one washing process
  • Low water consumption due to 360° rotation
  • Quick run times
  • Freely selectible washing programs
  • Robust and indestructible hydraulic motor

On demand you can see our videoclip of the 360°-container-rotation.


The BWK 1300 technology

Mode of operation

Our latest development in the range of container cleaning systems is the ‘BWK 1300’. The BWK 1300 succeeds the BWK 1200 which has been a popular system with our clients in the past. With the BWK 1300 we introduce further improvements that will satisfy our customers’ expectations even more.

This cleaning machine is used for the automatic cleaning of waste containers and/or production containers with a capacity of up to 1,100 litres. Two small bins or one large container respectively can be cleaned. After selecting the wash program the containers are conveyed into the wash cabin automatically. The automatic rapid action door closes.

Cleaning process

  • Internal cleaning with three-dimensional cleaning head
  • External cleaning with stationary and rotating jets and simultaneous rotation of the container(s)
  • Blow-off after the rinse cycle
  • When wash cycle finishes the automatic rapid action door opens and the clean containers are moved out.

Modular components

  • Wash cabin and machine installation (fully enclosed) in stainless steel
  • Special comb pick-up in stainless steel
  • Special cleaning system for inside, outside, seams and lid
  • Safety guard in the working area
  • Recycling system in accordance with the application


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Behaelterwaschkabine BWK 1300 Grafik 1
Behaelterwaschkabine BWK 1300 Grafik 2
Behaelterwaschkabine BWK 1300
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Product video: BWK1300 in operation